How Liben Make prefect Playground Delivery?

How Liben Make prefect Playground Delivery?

How Liben Make prefect Playground Delivery

Many customers who buy playground overseas will worry about the missing parts and broken parts. It’s turely happened in many small factories, who without systematic arrangement in goods delivery. But you don’t have to worry about it if you buy from Liben.

See how Liben prefectly deal with this problem:

1.Well Packaged Goods:

 All goods are well packaged to avoid any damage in shipment.

2.Shipping Marks

Each parts of playground pasted with shipping marks to avoid missing parts. Besides, our shipping marks is waterproof, some factories’s shipping mark will fade and become unclear because of rainy day and long-time shipment, but ours will not.and with strong paste.

3.Quality Control

when goods ready, we have quality control person to check if all the goods is prefect, and take photos for record, if find any flaw, they will talk to prodction department to deal with it.

4.Video and Picture Record.

when making delivery, we have delivery person to take full video and pictures of each goods, for record,to avoid missing parts and double check quality and package.

5.Mostly importantly, if any missing parts and broken parts happend, the related staffs will have to be fined according to our company rules, so everyone will be very conscientious to their job.