Bring happiness to the poor children

Bring happiness to the poor children

Here I’d like to share the cooperation between Ms. Susan and me, I met her on She was looking for outdoor playground equipment on that day. I replied her RFQ and sent an email to her. After several days, I received her email. 

Susan introduced in her email that she wanted to purchase some playgrounds for the poor children in Palestine and sent me some links of the outdoor playground projects she did before. I visited her website and knew that Susan and her partners established the children’s charity that built the playgrounds for children in Palestine. I saw the setences on their website ”We feel that it is not enough to simply give them food and shelter. The children deserve to have outlets for creative expression, outlets for their instinct to play”. We always thought that food was what the poor children needed most. But we never thought about what they really needed. That is Happiness. I was so happy that what we were doing would bring the happiness to the children.

As they ship the playgrounds to Palestine, it must go througn Israel authority. She needed the complete parts list of the playgrounds before placing the order. That meant we need to do a lot of works to get the order. Because it would take much time to make the parts list for her. I agreed her request. We designed seven playgrounds for her and then it took us about one month to make the parts list of the playgrounds. Because our engineer was too busy. Actually we only made the parts list after placing the order. Our engineer spent extra time to make the parts lists. Fortunately, the playgrounds were approved by Israel authority. 

Here I share the feedback and some pictures with you.

The children are very happy with these playgrounds. When we see the smile on the children’s faces, we know that everything we did is worthwhile. What we can do for the children is that we will give them the best-quality and safe playground equipment. We hope that we will bring happiness to more children in the world.