Outdoor Playground built in Denver, USA

Time: 2016-12-29
Summary: The Outdoor Playground built in Denver, USA.

The Outdoor Playground built in Denver, USA. Actually, this project with complain. We miss shipped the fasteners for the swing, and we didnt know it until I called the customer to get his feedback, and he mentioned about this, and said because its too complicated to get it from oversea, so he was gonna to buy it local. Here is the pictures without swing fasteners.

Kids Playground complain

After knowing this, I checked with our warehouse at once, and found its indeed our duty that the shipper missed shipped the fasteners, then we shipped the fasteners at once to the customer, the customer was very happy and send us pictures and video as well. Here we are gonna to tell our customer, we are honest factory, if any missing parts caused by us, we will surely deal with it, just let us know, we have after-sale service team to deal with it.

kids playground project in Denver

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