Slide is an essential facility in amusement park. Slides bring a lot of fun for children's childhood and benefit children's growth and development when they are playing on the slides. But how do the children of all ages safely play on slides, parents know that?

.The advantages of playing on the slides:

1.Promote the development of the baby's sense of touch, let your baby has different tactile experience when he/she plays on a variety of slides and promote tactile development.

2.Slide is the original experience of "speed" for the baby. The slide with different lengths and slopes brings different speed experience to the baby. Most of the baby's first feeling of speed comes from the process of playing on slide.

3.Developing coordination ability and enhancing body control ability. The baby needs to master their own balance and speed in the process of playing on the slide and gets some body coordination exercise. 

4.Promoting the movement and development of brain. The baby who often plays on the slide will has very good balance, good balance is the basis of athletic ability.

.How do the children of all ages play on the slide?

8 months -1 year old: At this time, the baby can play on indoor low slide. But the baby can not control the balance of his body, Mom and Dad have to full protect children beside the slide in the process of sliding down.

1-2 years: Under the protection of their parents, the baby can play on a straight slide with relatively small slope and let your baby understand the rules of the slide.

2-3 years old: Try to let baby slide on a small slide. Guiding the baby to control the sliding speed by two ways of holding and release on both sides of the slide, feel to maintain balance and friction.

3-4 years old: You can let your baby try a large slide and a spiral slide. Consciously develop babies’ body coordination. In the case of safety and nobody there, try to let your baby crawl backward from the bottom of the slide to develop coordination of the child's limbs and strength in the hands and feet on the smooth slope.

 Ⅲ.Safety apparel for playing on the slide

1.Do not dress too thin nor too thick. Because the surface of a lot of slides is not very smooth, thin clothes will not protect the baby from scratching. Thick clothes will affect the convenience of operation and is also not safe in the process of climbing.

2.Don’t wear the clothes with string,hard objects,brooches and so on. The string of clothes might hook railing and cause suffocation in playing. If wearing the clothes with hard objects like large buttons, the baby will be injured. As for brooches, pins, etc., can not let the baby to wear or hold in the hand to play on the slide.

.The solution for injury

Falling from heights: First, check the site of injury and observe whether the baby is conscious, vomiting, comatose and other symptoms. Whether there is head trauma or local swelling, torso and limbs, as well as each joint can move freely and so on. If only partial bruising, swelling can be dispersed by cold compresses.

Skin abrasions: If the wound is bleeding, we must clean the wound first and then disinfect. If there is bruising, cold packs is available.

Notes: Pay attention to skin scald, actually the temperatures of the exposed plastic slides in summer are surprisingly high. It will also generate heat by friction when the baby slides down and will inevitably burns little ass. In hot weather, the parents need to test the temperature of the slide by hand before the baby go to the slide.