Liben has a rich variety of preschool education products which is mainly divided into six categories:Outdoor equipment, indoor furniture, indoor equipment, activity areas, other accessories and physical and intelligent toys. Customers can find almost all the preschool education products they need from Liben. We can provide one-stop service for our customers and greatly save customers’ purchasing time and cost.

Liben- Customers' one-stop service solution provider.
1.We can give the fast solution according to customers' questions.
2.Making innovative design according to customers' layout.
3.Detailed installation instruction.
4.Maintenance instruction or on-site maintenance service.
5.Detailed operating manual,guide the children how to use it properly.

Our Service System:
2.Quality inspection
3.Installation instruction
4.After sales service

Our Commitment:
1. The warranty of outdoor playground is one year.

2. Free samples for small toys.

3. Deliver on time.

4. Spare Parts for Free

5. After-sale service